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Freeport, Maine

Meet Matt & Elizabeth.  These two are so perfect together… all we did was stand back and capture the love on camera during this engagement session.  Matt resides in NY where he attends law school, and Elizabeth’s home is in Maine.  They hadn’t seen each other in a while prior to this photo shoot and were so excited about getting some time together.  I’m not sure they even noticed I was there taking their photos!

These two met on Thanksgiving of 2010 where they were working as volunteer EMT’s at Kennebunkport EMS.  They spent most of that Thanksgiving Day shift talking and watching old medical shows on (must have been a slow day at work)!   After their first meeting, the next time they saw eachother was when Matt came to stay with his family during winter break.  They kept running into each other in random places, including at an EMS conference in Philadelphia.  During the summer of 2011, Matt was home in Kennebunkport all summer.  Elizabeth spent six weeks living at the fire station in Kennebunkport, while taking summer classes at her nearby college.  Once Matt noticed that Elizabeth was at the fire station a lot, he made it a point to spend his free time there! 



 In December of 2011, Elizabeth was having a difficult week at school in the midst of finals.  One Saturday, Matt called and asked for a ride from the airport because he was flying home.  She was completely surprised that he was coming to Maine, but she threw on some clean sweats and headed to the airport.  She parked in the cell phone lot and waited for him to get off the plane.  Instead of getting in the passenger’s seat of her car, he came around to her door and asked her to get out.  Then, right there in the airport parking lot, he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him (of course, Elizabeth said, “Yes”)!  These two will be married in February of 2013 in Freeport, Maine.

No engagement is complete without solidifying the deal with a cute, fuzzy puppy!  Meet the new addition to this soon-to-be-family:



Thanks, Matt & Elizabeth, for allowing us to tag along during your recent get-together!  We can’t wait to photograph you all dressed up on the wedding day in (hopefully) a winter wonderland!